"You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling"

Inception. Christopher Nolan. 2010


Independent production company founded in the midst of 2008 economic crisis. Passionate about our job, the sinners Jose Alba and Odile Antonio-Baez, we put all our energy and perseverance at the service of young and passionate filmmakers every day, supporting and spreading the talent of the Andalusian and Spanish industry throughout the world.


Our projects, among which we could mention Journey to a Mother’s Room (Viaje al cuarto de una madre) or Gernika (Guernica), accumulate several nominations to Goya® Awards and Prizes in the Feroz, ASECAN, CEC, Sant Jordi, Gaudí or Mestre Mateo Awards, as well as participations and prizes in festivals from around the world, including a Special Mention of the Jury and a Youth Award in San Sebastián IFF.

Pecado Films is an associated company to AECine, ANCINE and EGEDA.


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Guzmán el Bueno 133, Ed. Britannia  1 planta, Oficina 9 - 28003 - Madrid · Sondalezas 33, 7, 1, B - 29010 - Málaga

T+34 639 432 074 · T+34 666 939 605 · pecado@pecadofilms.com

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